Soul Healing Seminar

Moving from Trauma to Triumph

Become Authentically You as You Break Free from Past Trauma

with Pastor Linda P. Jones

Saturday, March 27

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST

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Moving from Trauma to Triumph

Trauma and the chains it has produced are never part of God’s original intent for you.

Don’t let the enemy keep you focused on the past wounds that traumatized you.

Be free to become authentically you as you break free from the chains of past trauma.

Using the story of the Man of Gadara in Mark chap. 5 you will learn:

• What trauma is and some of the effects
• The different ways you can be traumatized
• The result of being released from trauma
• Trauma and the F-Word
• Prayer for release from trauma

Are you ready to BREAK FREE?

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Trauma to Triumph # 1

What you can expect...

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What you learn from this seminar will help start you on the journey to personal transformation and healing.

I’ll be sharing a lot of information in this webinar including how you can further your healing for even more transformation!



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Hi, I'm Rev. Linda Jones

In my book, Soul Survivor, I talk about my journey from trauma to triumph. I was raised in an environment of violence, abuse, abandonment, rejection and brokenness that traumatized my life. But God brought me out of the ashes of despair into a life of honor and fruitfulness, and has given me a heart of compassion for those who struggle with the same issues. 

Rev. Jones is a transformational leader. She founded Linda P. Jones Ministries for the purpose of imparting God’s Word, as a means by which people can take positive steps to transform their lives. Those courageous steps can then develop into better relationships at home, in the community, in business, and with society.