Are you a believer who feels a burning passion to serve and make a meaningful impact?

Through the lens of Biblical teachings, we will explore how your service can become a channel for healing and transformation



The Women of Worth Mentorship Academy (WOWMA) is a Faith-Based Program designed to help you overcome feelings of despair and unworthiness to confidently live out your God-given destiny.

The H.E.R.S. Framework (Healed Equipped and Restored to Serve) was developed specifically for women like YOU – to help you let go of the past once and for all, and to take the next steps towards fulfilling the goals and dreams in your heart.

Through this Biblically-proven framework you will be able to take Scripture and engage with it in a way that’s simple but profound. You will see the ease in which the scriptures will come alive and can be applied to your daily life in practical ways in real time.

In fact, engaging with the material, partnering with the Lord, and applying it to your life is exactly what will position you to experience the transformation you have been looking for, and gain the confidence to begin to release your gifts to serve others!

Introducting The


“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”   – 1 Peter 4:10 

No more wondering if God can use you! In this module you will receive tools that will challenge, as well as help you identify and know how to effectively and confidently function in your calling – doing what you were destined to do – serving people as you serve your Lord.

Purchase Each Class Separately for $97 Each or Get ALL 5 for only $397 (Save $88)

Classes in this module include:

When you embrace your brokenness you will discover the untapped potential that is within it, and the purpose that awaits you on the other side. In this course you will discover that when you release your brokenness to the Lord His power will be unleashed in your life in a dynamic way. You’ll also experience a new level of maturity, authority, power and effectiveness. So don’t despise the breaking in your life, because there’s beauty as well as power in your brokenness.

Are you looking to build a strong foundation for your ministry? Do you want to learn how to protect your spiritual life by recognizing the marks of a legitimate ministry? In this course, you will discover how to distinguish yourself as a faithful servant of God and build a ministry that honors Him. You will learn the principles that you can apply that will stand the test of time and help you to fulfill your calling with integrity and authenticity.

Are you passionate about pursuing a genuine and impactful ministry that reflects the heart of God? Whether you’re a pastor, ministry leader, or simply passionate about making a difference, this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to uncover the essential characteristics that distinguish a legitimate ministry from the rest

Don’t let your vision remain a dream. If you have a compelling desire in your heart that you would like to see manifested, this course will show you how to take the necessary steps to birth that vision. By aligning your faith in God’s promises with your actions, that vision can become a reality and bring great satisfaction to you and make a huge impact in the world.

The true power of greatness lies in service. Discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from serving God and others. After this course you will never look at servant-hood in the same way again. You will learn to embrace the dynamism of service and discover the incredible impact you can make in the lives of others for the glory of God.

Explore the ways God equips you to experience healing, restoration, and spiritual growth leading to a life of joy and fulfillment.

Each class includes:

4-5 Recorded Lessons that will help you hear God’s voice and discern with greater clarity what you need to do next to discover and fulfill the next phase of your life’s purpose.

PDF Handbook with exercises that will help reinforce each lesson.

Special Bonus: 20-minute Discover Call with Dr. Linda Jones

Meet Your Facilitator

Dr. Linda P Jones, is a wife, mother, author, speaker, coach/mentor and gifted teacher of the Word of God and ordained minister.

She draws on her own personal “lived” experiences and lessons of life to connect passionately, and empathetically with her audiences. She founded Linda P Jones Ministries and her mission is to equip women for life and ministry. As a result she has also founded Women of Worth Ministries (W.O.W) and Women of Worth Mentorship Academy -WOWMA. WOWMA is a transformational mentoring online academy established on four significant pillars: H.E.R.S.: to help Heal, Equip, Restore women to Serve with confidence and unapologetically in their calling.

She has written over 10 books, spoken at community groups, educational institutes, and has hosted seminars/workshops, conferences, prayer breakfasts, and women’s meetings. She is an ordained minister has a Master’s and Doctorate degree in Practical Theology at Masters Intentional University of Divinity Evansville, Indiana.