Women of Worth Mentorship Academy

Experience an Adventure in the Word as You Encounter God

with Pastor Linda P. Jones

Saturday, March 27

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST

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Hello, I'm Linda Jones

My vision is to help women to become Healed, Equipped and Restored to Serve – H.E.R.S. The reason I want that for you is because I know what I had to do in my own life to achieve that and how much it impacted my life.

  • Do you feel like you are constantly struggling to get over your past?
  • Or you feel that fear is continuing to rule your life even though you feel you know what you should do but can’t seem to do it. You just keep going around in circles.
  • Do you feel that reading the Bible is dry, that you are reading it but you can’t see how the book of Chronicles relates to your present crisis?
  • Do you want to make the Bible come alive for you?
  • Would you like a framework that you can use every day to deepen your relationship with God? A framework that is simple, understandable and relevant to your everyday life experiences?



Women of Worth Mentorship Academy – WOWMA – provides a simple and practical way for you to grow and accelerate in your spiritual development regardless what level you are in your spiritual journey.

It is a unique approach that will transform the way you learn, think and act and you’ll never go back to dry Bible studying again.

Are you ready to transform?

Only $275 /Module OR $1000 Paid in Full for all 4 Modules

“Change is the end result of all true learning” – Leo Buscaglia

Here’s my story:


For more than 30 years I struggled from one heartache to the next and I had to dig into the Word and find that level of transformation for myself. I discovered that there were three (3) areas that I needed to focus on.

I first had to deal with areas of pain so that I could experience progressive healing. Then further dig into the Word so that I could be equipped and fully restored which gave me the confidence to serve others along this same path.

I found that these are the areas that you really need to focus on, and these have formed the Mission Statement for the Academy:

  • Healing – to help you to overcome past negative memories.
  • Equipping – to help build a solid foundation and understanding in the Scriptures so that you will be confident in knowing and sharing with others what you have experienced.
  • Restoring – your confidence in God so that you can
  • Serving – to enable you to be confident to step into your calling as one who is ready to help and share with others the transformation that you have come into.

What Others Are Saying

Mary H.
Mary H.
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"Pastor Linda is truly a gifted teacher. She has a unique ability and appeal in the way she imparts the Word providing clarity regardless of where you are at on the continuum of faith. Her style of teaching and the ease at which she reveals the depths of God's word is so refreshing and much needed in the world today."
Angelique C.
Angelique C.
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"The quality of the teaching was amazing, blew my mind with every word used, lesson guide and text book to look into. I came in uncertain if the training was for me, but it was absolutely transformational ... Top quality teaching and this has been my best investment this entire year. "
Monique W.
Monique W.
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"Very impressive. My expectations were superseded. Ps Linda made the course come alive through the teachings and examples. Each characteristic/quality was explained so well. I was blown away with how rich one text of the Bible can reveal about one person. The teaching couldn’t have been timelier for me in my professional space, as I’m moving into a new role where my circles of influence are women who are being called out to lead. "

What You Can Expect

You will experience a sense of excitement, passion and joy over the revelations and insights being gained from the Scriptures. Once applied, you will realize how effective they are in bringing you into a closer relationship with God and experiencing the transformation you have always dreamed of.

Real learning is born from the real life needs we encounter from everyday living. Scripture is loaded with accounts of the life experiences of people just like you; people whose experiences you can step into and gain experiential understanding.

These courses make the Scriptures come alive by taking your current life issues and struggles and helping you discover similar life stories from the pages of Scripture. Then by examining the responses of those who have gone before you, you gain insight as to what your life’s responses are to be and how you can have a positive outcome.

Through these courses you find your life in the pages of Scripture and you get direction as to how to act by examining how they acted, and you emulate what is good and helpful and avoid what is harmful and self-defeating. You also gain a closer and vital relationship with the God of the Bible.


These courses provided are unique in that they are easy to follow, they are not long but filled with profound life-changing truths. The videos are in bit sized

Complex topics are distilled so that you can learn and apply them right away.

The training courses in such a way as to take you through the H.E.R.S path. Courses are divided into four parts and will follow the four topics of Healing Equipping Restoration and Serving as modules.

Each module will build on the previous one as God guides you step by step. You will learn to hear His voice and discern with ever greater clarity, what you need to do next to discover and fulfill the next phase of your life’s journey with effectiveness and satisfaction.

H – Healing Modules (Soul Survivor Series)

Teachings to help you experience freedom and deliverance from past unresolved issues

EEquipping Modules

These are teachings that you can make part of your everyday journey as you take steps for personal and spiritual growth

RRestoration Modules

Teachings that will help you experience the restoring presence of God on a daily basis as you walk out the call of God on your life.

SServing Modules

Teachings that would help you in practical ways and help you feel empowered in your calling

Each quarter you’ll have access to 3 COURSES PER MODULE which you can do on your own schedule and flexibility, and I will meet with you weekly in Facebook group where I will share help, answer your questions personally to support you in your spiritual journey.

Each lesson has:

  • An in-depth video teaching that you can watch at your convenience.
  • Easy to follow pdf study guides which outline all the main points in the course with some call to actions questions.
  • Access to join the private FB community environment where I will meet with you weekly and where you can share experiences, question and ideas between one another.
  • Live weekly Q& A sessions in FB to address your questions
  • Occasional Exclusive 1 day Deep Dives for those who want to have more in-depth private discussions

“Always walk through life like you have something new to learn, and you will.” – Vernon Howard


* Courses are $275 per quarter and payments are automatically scheduled when you enroll. Take advantage of the PAID IN FULL option for a discount.

1st Quarter Healing Module:

Bless me Indeed course features the prayer of Jabez; a prayer that can dramatically change your life. Jabez and his prayer are memorialized in Scripture; – as a man who dared to approach God with a succinct but powerful prayer that changed everything for him.

This is a thought–provoking question you will have to answer at some point in your life. The issue of knowing who you really are – your identity is crucial to you successfully fulfilling destiny. Who you say you are and who you really are can be very different. If you struggle with a sense of not knowing deep inside who you are or have difficulty to accept and define yourself as one beloved by God, this course will empower you to stand up and claim your true identity in Christ and walk into what He has called you to be and do with confidence.

If you have ever come through an ordeal, you know it can leave you sometimes with long-term unpleasant effects, which can impact your life in negative ways.  But there is hope for you.  The story of the man of Gadara, in Mark chapter 5, provides an excellent case study on how unhealed painful past experiences can adversely affect one’s life. But more importantly you also see how the presence of Jesus completely and beautifully transformed him and positioned him to fulfill his destiny, and will do the same for you – moving you from trauma to triumph.


3rd Quarter Restoration Module:

Restoration is God’s heart for His people. He is restoring what has been taken away, lost, stolen, even what you gave up to obey Him. He is restoring to you individually, as well as the corporate Body, His Church. The course will help heal you as realize that you are beneficiary of His great love, and encourage you to be a catalyst of His restoration to others.

Have you ever said, “I wish I had another chance to redo that…?” Maybe you have mess up and think you just won’t have another chance to go to school again, or try again to make that relationship with that significant other work…

One of the wonderful opportunities life gives us is the ability to start again, to redo, somethings. This course shares some of the many opportunities you have through the power of RE: To rethink, to rectify, to reclaim… It gives you hope that God will always give you another chance to start again.

2nd Quarter Equipping Module:

You know God created you for a specific purpose, and therefore it is important that you are properly connected in order to fulfil that.. However, you are feeling a bit misaligned and are not sure how to get into position. You feel like opportunities to grow and develop more are just outside your reach, and eluding you, and you wonder what you need to do to get in line with your calling. This course will show you the necessary steps to take that will help you to be correctly situated and empowered for greater success.

Do you have a passion, a strong desire, a vision in your heart that you feel is of the Lord but you are not sure how to give birth to it? Hannah’s journey in birthing her vision recorded in 1Samuel chapter 1, will encourage you in the process. You will see that her vision for a male child was really God’s desire in the first place. You will also be heartened to see that when the Lord answered her prayer, as He would yours, the powerful personal and national impact birthing your vision will have on you, those around you and on the nations!

You are called to live on a higher level than the world around you, and you yearn in your heart to be even higher than where you are right now. You desire to live at a new level of relationship and commitment to God.  Daniel lived such a life wholly separated for the work of God. God desires the same for you, He wants you to distinctive, and distinguished, and thus this course is a challenge from Him to make shifts in several different areas of your life to effect those changes.

4th Quarter Serving Module:

Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone so that you can experience amazing abundance, and above all discover God’s upgrade on your calling? Launching out into the deep requires double efforts and the willingness to take greater risks. It is moving beyond your comfort zone and what you are accustomed.

In this course you will step into Peter’s shoes and journey with him and discover his struggles of frustration and faith he first had to overcome in order to obey Jesus’ command to launch out into the deep where he experience the miraculous. His experience will encourage you as you struggle to obey directives from God that don’t make sense, but in the end your obedience can change the course of your entire life


You believe God has commissioned you to start a ministry, but you want to be sure you got your bases covered and would like some guidelines as to what should be some of the characteristic to look for in your ministry.

Through the accounts of Zacharias, his wife Elizabeth you will discover signs that categorize your ministry as authorized by God.  This teaching offers you a valuable ‘checklist’ to keep you on track and help you feel confident in answering that call. 


Courses are $275 per module and the 4 payments are automatically scheduled when you enroll. Take advantage of the PAID IN FULL option for a discount.
By proceeding to enroll by making a payment, you are indicating that you have read and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

 4 Payments



The courses are self-paced, but it is advised you complete them within that particular quarter.

Access is granted for as long as you are a member of the Academy (See Terms & Conditions)

You can reach me in the Private FB Group or by email (

Not for these particular courses. If for any reason you wish to unsubscribe from this school after 30 days starting your initial investment will be non-refundable.

You can contact me at where can arrange a complimentary 15 min call to discuss your way forward.

Pastor Linda Jones

Hello I am Pastor Linda Jones of Linda P. Jones Ministries and Women of Worth Ministries, it is my personal calling to serve women across the globe. I have served women in full time ministry for over 15 years, and created resources, hosted conferences and workshops that are catered to speak to the issues with which women struggle.

My desire for you is that you come into the your healing, be equipped and released to serve God in way that will fulfill your deepest desire. It would be my greatest honor to serve you and be a part of your journey into wholeness and effective ministry.