This is a question you will have to answer at some point in your life, because your identity will be challenged; by others, by the adversary and even by you. Both Jesus and John the Baptist had to face this question. The issue of knowing who you really are – your identity – is imperative to you successfully fulfilling destiny. This course will encourage you to stand up, claim your true identity in Christ and walk confidently in your authority.

Have you ever been embarrassed by the memory of your past. Or asked what good could come out of the failure, the painful experience you endured, or that sin you committed and repented of? You wish that you could permanently erase it from your memory, but you can’t. Good news! God can take the broken pieces of your life and use them to create a mosaic of beauty and redemption.  In this course you will learn how your pain can become the very thing that brings hope and healing to others.

Your past does not define you, and your trauma does not have to be your destiny. There’s hope. The story of the madman of Gadara, in Mark chapter 5, provides an excellent case study on the effect of how unhealed painful memories of past experiences can adversely affect one’s life. But it didn’t end there, the highlight of his story is how the presence and power of Jesus completely and beautifully transformed him and repositioned him to fulfill his destiny and it will do the same for you.

You’d agree that it is much easier to reconstruct damaged walls and gates than people’s lives, but not for God.  In this course you will be encouraged to see how God through His Spirit He is actively at work to successfully rebuild your life. Regardless of what devastation you may have suffered in the past, with His grace and strength, He will partner to rebuild your life on a foundation of hope and purpose.

Do you feel like you are just in survival mode? Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot intestinal fortitude to survive. But God’s best for you is to move from a place of scarcity to abundance, from fear to confidence, and from surviving to thriving. You have the potential to thrive in every area of your life. This course will encourage you to start living like it.


What giants are standing in your way of success, mocking you with fears, feelings of insecurity, incompetence? These giants show up every time you decide to go after that dream God has put in your heart. In this course you will encouraged and empowered not only to face your giants, but to partner with the Holy Spirit’s power with the right strategies to conquer your fears with confidence and courage, and inspire others to do the same.

If you feel battle-weary, wounded, discouraged in ministry, or you’ve simply abandoned the call of God, know that The Lord is calling you back into active duty. In this course you will be encouraged to see how God strengthened, empowered and restored His willing warriors back to a place of effectiveness, fulfilling their destiny call.

Mighty warriors arise, with courage and resilience, refuse to give up in the face of adversity, but arise into your full potential and impact the world.

Step into your divine destiny, knowing that you are called to make a difference in the world. Rise up Mighty Warrior, conquer your fears, relinquish your failures, and walk boldly in the path of your purpose. It is time to embrace your identity as a child of God and let your faith shine brightly to liberate those held captive in darkness.

If you’re ready to step up, ignite your potential, don’t miss this chance to redefine your impact and create a legacy that will inspire generations to come. This course will teach you how to break free from the limitations that are holding you back, discover your full potential and create a life of impact and significance. Remember, the world is waiting for your unique contribution.

It’s time to leave your comfort zone and launch out into the deep. This course is an invitation to an adventure with the Lord. He is calling you to break free from your limiting beliefs, discover new opportunities and experiences, take calculated risks, and experience the unprecedented with confidence and purpose. Get ready to overcome your fears and take the leap of faith towards your dreams and goals and live a life of fulfillment, abundance and impact.


No matter how broken or hopeless your situation may seem, it is never too late to experience God’s restoration in your life or those of your loved ones. God’s restoration program is not just about fixing your problems; it’s about transforming your life from the inside out. In this course, you will learn how to receive His love, forgiveness, and healing, and discover the purpose and destiny He has for you and your family..

Are your ready to let go of the burdens that weigh you down and embrace the opportunity to heal from past hurts? God’s Restoration Program offers a lifeline of hope and inspiration. You’ll find hope in adversity and experience God’s incredible power to heal, renew, and restore every aspect of your life..

Harness the Power of Judah and experience a life of abundance and victory. Learn how to cultivate a heart of worship and watch how it can transform your life from the inside out. In this course you will learn how the power of Judah has the ability to create positive changes in your life. You’ll discover how praising God can change your mindset, improve your relationships, and bring peace and transformation in your life.

Harness the Power of Judah and experience a life of abundance and victory. Learn how to cultivate a heart of worship and watch how it can transform your life from the inside out. In this course you will learn how the power of Judah has the ability to create positive changes in your life. You’ll discover how praising God can change your mindset, improve your relationships, and bring peace and transformation in your life.

One of the wonderful opportunities life gives us is the ability to start again, to redo, somethings. If you’re seeking to rediscover your passion, rewrite your story, reignite your purpose, and revolutionize your potential, then don’t let another day go by without engaging in “The Power of ‘Re’. This course also gives you hope that God always gives another chance to start again.


When you embrace your brokenness you will discover the untapped potential that is within it,  and the purpose that awaits you on the other side. In this course you will discover that when you release your brokenness to the Lord His power will be unleashed in your life in a dynamic way. You’ll also experience a new level of maturity, authority, power and effectiveness. So don’t despise the breaking in your life, because there’s beauty as well as power in your brokenness.

Are you looking to build a strong foundation for your ministry? Do you want to learn how to protect your spiritual life by recognizing the marks of a legitimate ministry? In this course, you will discover how to distinguish yourself as a faithful servant of God and build a ministry that honors Him. You will learn the principles that you can apply that will stand the test of time and help you to fulfill your calling with integrity and authenticity.

Are you passionate about pursuing a genuine and impactful ministry that reflects the heart of God? Whether you’re a pastor, ministry leader, or simply passionate about making a difference, this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to uncover the essential characteristics that distinguish a legitimate ministry from the rest

Don’t let your vision remain a dream. If you have a compelling desire in your heart that you would like to see manifested, this course will show you how to take the necessary steps to birth that vision. By aligning your faith in God’s promises with your actions, that vision can become a reality and bring great satisfaction to you and make a huge impact in the world.

The true power of greatness lies in service. Discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from serving God and others. After this course you will never look at servant-hood in the same way again. You will learn to embrace the dynamism of service and discover the incredible impact you can make in the lives of others for the glory of God.


Feelings of being trapped, limited, and confined can leave us in a state of despair. If you yearn for a release, a profound freedom beyond anything you’ve ever known, then “Bless Me Indeed” is the course you’ve been waiting for. It transcends traditional self-help, and offers you the opportunity to break free from limitations that have held you back. Find the release you’ve been longing for, discover a new-found sense of freedom and joy in all areas of your life.


This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and confidence. Whether you’re facing a personal crisis, a career or ministry setback, or any other obstacle, the strategies you learn in this workshop will help you move forward with a sense of purpose and hopefulness.

The Victim to Victor workshop is not just another feel-good, motivational program that leaves you feeling inspired for a few hours or days. Instead you’ll learn powerful tools and strategies for breaking free from the patterns that have been holding you back. You’ll develop the skills and confidence you need to experience transformation in your life and walk in freedom from the victim mindset.

If are you ready to leave the ordinary behind and embrace your path to greatness, Level-Up and Be Great is for you.

Discover the strategies, mindset, and skills you will need to rise above mediocrity or stagnation and move into greatness.