Pastor Linda P Jones has been my mentor/coach since 2019. Her voice of reason and strategic mentoring strategies have challenged me to bring structure to areas of my life that I had not prioritized. Her direct approach leaves no stones unturned, allowing for intentional address and decision making regarding soul issues which interrogate and compromise one's purpose. She is selfless and has a heart of gold. Mentorship and coaching from Pastor Linda P Jones is a divine set-up for an unprecedented future.
Esther J. Thomas (Mrs.)
Esther J. Thomas (Mrs.)
I met Pastor Linda back in 2003, she has been a major blessing in my life from the day we met. Pastor Linda P. Jones has been a coach/mentor, teacher, counselor, deliverance minister, prayer warrior to me. She helped me to see what I did not see in myself and gave me a platform to use the gift God has given me in her ministry, I am grateful to her for believing in what God has deposited in me. I am thankful for her love, affirmation, encouragement, prayer ministry and most of all for her mother's heart towards me. I am thankful to God for allowing our paths to be woven together.
Julia Y. Spence
Julia Y. Spence
Certified Life Coach
Pastor Linda’s coaching/mentorship/guidance has helped me tremendously to find clarity and balance in many areas of areas of my life. Through her coaching and completing one of the courses offered in WOWTEC e-Academy Mentorship Program, I was able to have the courage to take a bold step in my life and ministry.

I am now praying, counseling, and hosting Bible classes for new Christian converts. I am feeling a sense of worth and fulfillment as I believe a "Woman of Worth" should feel, shining where God has me currently planted.

I continue to look up to her tremendous strength.

Thanks Pastor Linda
Marguerite J Gardier
Marguerite J Gardier
Minister of the Gospel of Christ and Prayer Warrior
I have known Pastor Linda Jones for a very long time and she is first and foremost one exceptional wife and woman, and a phenomenal woman of God. God has given me the privilege not only to admire her from afar but of having working alongside her in her ministry. During this time, she demonstrated not only her love for God but also her integrity, tenacity and commitment to the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Linda is focused on fulfilling the mandate which the Father has given her in His Kingdom. I am certain that whatever she shares is birthed out of love, obedience and diligence. Therefore, it is my distinct pleasure to recommend her coaching, her courses, her books… to anyone who is seeking to grow and come to a place of maturity.
Lynn Morgan
Lynn Morgan
Founder and Director of Ambassadors Institute
When I think of Pastor Linda, a few character traits that immediately come to mind are integrity, a good listener, sound knowledge, determined and kind. I was introduced to Pastor Linda a few years ago and after our first call I left with specific steps related to my challenge. The weeks following, Pastor Linda continued checking on me to find out if I was making progress, and provided further guidance where necessary. Pastor Linda is an excellent listener; she listens intently and when she speaks her comments and questions are direct and specific to the issues mentioned. She is not judgmental, she has a caring heart and provides soothing but firm guidance. Her wealth of knowledge and her guidance are backed by sound understanding of scripture.

With Pastor Linda’s guidance I was able to overcome the challenge from an emotional and spiritual perspective. I did so without any residual negative effects. She is definitely the type of coach you want to work with you.

I highly recommend Pastor Linda as your coach/mentor.
Indrani Foster
Indrani GF
General Manager
Pastor Linda is a wonderful teacher. I have been encouraged and empowered by her ministry.

I’m grateful for her wisdom and insight from the Scriptures, which has been timely for my life and situation. Linda's a wonderful, gifted teacher, has a sweet spirit and I can sense her love for the Lord and for people. She has an amazing anointing to teach and impart the Word with clarity and the power to convict and move individuals to change.

Those who sit under her ministry are blessed to have her to nurture, coach/mentor and help them to get to a better place in their lives.
Betty Proute
Betty Proute
Ex-Bank Manager