God’s Restoration Program – He is Restoring Your Vision

“Where there is no vision the people cast off restraint

Proverbs 29:18

Some blind people have adapted to a life of blindness. After all, they could hear, speak, walk and function relatively normally so they’ve learned to adapt.

But not Bartimaeus he was tired of the blind, begging life, tired of depending on someone else to ‘see’ for him. So when he heard that Jesus was passing by he did not hesitate to grasp the opportunity to call out to Him.

In spite of the huge crowd that followed Jesus, Bartimaeus managed to make such a ruckus that he got Jesus’ attention. Jesus commanded that they bring Bartimaeus to Him. Then Jesus asked him what he wanted and he said: “Lord that I may receive my sight.”

Notice he didn’t say “I want to see.” It was his sight that he wanted. The word ‘sight’ there means to recover lost sight. Bartimaeus had lost his vision and he wanted his sight back. Bartimaeus wanted his own revelation.

It is good to hear what others were doing, he even borrowed other people’s vision to help him to get where he wanted to go but he wanted His own vision. He wanted to fulfill destiny.

Jesus granted Bartimaeus his request; his vision was restored. The word today for you is, God is restoring your vision. He has heard your cries like blind Bartimaeus – and is giving you what you ask for. He is restoring your vision so that you could move forward and fulfill your destiny.

Without vision, you live aimlessly. The late Dr. Myles Munroe said, “Your vision determines your destiny.” It is time to see correctly!

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