Dr. Linda Jones is known for her in-depth knowledge of Scripture and combined with her easy-going teaching style and storytelling technique, she keeps her listeners engaged and wanting more.

Her presentations are excellent for a variety of women’s events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, prayer breakfasts and weekend retreats. She is also able to communicate with women at various levels.

Why Book Linda

Dr. Jones has a way unpacking the treasures of Scripture making them come alive, and easy to understand. She is personable in her teaching style, practical, but don’t be fooled—the revelations she shares are profound.

She does this effortlessly by using personal stories of how God kept her in the midst of living in a highly dysfunctional family environment – an alcoholic abusive father, and a mother who weaponized her own pain against her.

She shares how God kept her through abandonment, rejection, divorce, abuse and several tragic losses. How he took a little girl that nobody wanted, bound by fear, with feelings of inferiority, insecurity and a deep sense of worthlessness, and transformed her into a woman of grace, fierce courage, and tenacity.

She has the ability to take her audience on a captivating journey through the Word. They will find themselves immersed in the incredible stories of resilience, and triumph of individuals just like them – individuals who have faced unimaginable heartache and have overcome formidable obstacles to be able to walk into their destiny. No matter where a woman is in her relationship with God, Dr. Linda helps them to take the next step closer.

Her desire is to equip and empower women to discover their worth and identity in Christ, and in discovering their worth they will discover their purpose and destiny to become world changers and kingdom of God advancers.


She helped me to see what I did not see in myself and gave me a platform to use the gift God has given me in her ministry,
Julia Y. Spence
Julia Y. Spence
Certified Life Coach
Through her coaching and completing one of the courses offered in WOWTEC e-Academy Mentorship Program, I was able to have the courage to take a bold step in my life and ministry.
Marguerite J Gardier
Marguerite J Gardier
Minister of the Gospel of Christ and Prayer Warrior
Her direct approach leaves no stones unturned, allowing for intentional address and decision making regarding soul issues which interrogate and compromise one's purpose.
Esther J. Thomas (Mrs.)
Esther J. Thomas (Mrs.)
I felt hope hearing Dr. Linda's lesson (Calling All Deborahs). Although I can't see Him using me, I have always felt this stirring, that I have a nurturing mother spirit and I get my wisdom from God, so now I press in and ask Him - what is my place? I can start by asking for His justice where there are wrongs. My spirit was so stirred with hunger and excitement. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your obedience. This webinar spoke to me more than any other! I was weeping through a lot of it. I know these stories, but needed to be encouraged by them again, especially by such a wonderful teacher! I agree too that she has a humble spirit, but she also teaches with authority - such attractive qualities!

Webinar Attendee
I felt hope hearing Dr. Linda's lesson (Calling All Deborahs). Although I can't see Him using me, I have always felt this stirring, that I have a nurturing mother spirit and I get my wisdom from God, so now I press in and ask Him - what is my place? I can start by asking for His justice where there are wrongs. My spirit was so stirred with hunger and excitement. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your obedience. This webinar spoke to me more than any other! I was weeping through a lot of it. I know these stories, but needed to be encouraged by them again, especially by such a wonderful teacher! I agree too that she has a humble spirit, but she also teaches with authority - such attractive qualities!

Webinar Attendee
Pastor Linda is truly a gifted teacher. She has a unique ability and appeal in the way she imparts the Word providing clarity regardless of where you are at on the continuum of faith. Her style of teaching and the ease at which she reveals the depths of God's word is so refreshing and much needed in the world today.

Again I continue to be amazed as to how much you are able to unpack the scriptures and the depth of insight you help us to uncover. For the quality of content, engagement and practicality I have rated it a 10. It highlighted or pushed to the forefront a few things I need to deal with and confront as I transit into a new season that God expects of me. It was both confronting and also timely… Thank you Pastor Linda for all that you do.

Katrina Ma’u Katiaki – Fiji
I just wanted to let you know that I completed reading your book just a day or two ago. it brought back the words of the old hymn to mind. “Some through the water, some through the flood, some through the fire, but all through the blood. Some through great trials, but God gives a song, in the night season and all the day long." I would never have known or suspected your troubles – you always appear so "together." My story is quite different, but I too have known pain, shame, grief, resentment and the feeling of being invisible to some. I too have known such oppression from the enemy, and have felt forsaken by God himself, and have had to learn and am still learning not to listen to the lies of the enemy. So often God has used a song to break through my dark places and leaning toward despair. Thank you so much for your brave vulnerability, it has strengthened my own heart, the enemy would not try to shut us up if we were not valued by our Abba. So many women need to hear the message that you have put out there. May God bless you.

Marcia Jenkins, Principal of the Rock Christian Primary School
You did a MASTERFUL job with the prayer of Jabez, I loved every bit of it, and I was greatly blessed and enriched. Keep on soaring. Well done good and faithful servant! You helped position, people, for real change, and gently challenged them to take action and not to settle for failure. They will never be the same. You released a sound that will not be stopped because it resonates from the heart of the heavenly Father.

Dr. Apostle Glenisaah Deborah
I’ve just finished listening to your wonderful webinar on the prayer of Jabez and just wanted to say how beautiful it was... how enlightening, how rich, and how powerful. I took tons of notes and the Lord really touched me through you. One of the things that really stood out for me was that I’d never considered Jabez’ prayer from anything other than a prayer with vision for growth and expansion in a physical way...extending his boundaries and not limiting God in what He can do in that kind of sphere. So to see the parallel in the context of inner healing and our God-given identities was such a beautiful revelation...

Sally (Belgium)
This was such an amazing experience and I am incredibly blessed to have been a part of this training. I would hope this was not the last time ‘Calling all Deborahs’ was brought to Fiji or shared with other women around the world. This is too valuable an insight to not continue and I am forever grateful for how this has opened and introduced me to a call that I now must take intentional steps every day and every moment to respond to. A massive thank you to Pastor Linda Jones.

Fiji Attendee
Very impressive. My expectations were superseded. Ps Linda made Deborah come alive through the teachings and examples. Each characteristic/ quality was explained so well. I was blown away with how rich one text of the Bible can bring out about one person. The teaching couldn’t have been timelier, personally in my professional space as I’m moving into a new role, my circles of influence where women are being called out to lead.

Fiji Attendee
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Topics of Past Speaking Engagements:

While these topics work well as stand along keynote sessions, they are most effective as a multi-session conference or retreat.


From Linda’s Book ‘Calling All Deborahs’

Calling all Deborahs is a significant call to action sounded from the heart of God to the heart of His women. He is calling them to the frontlines to partner with Him In the business of restoring the order of the judges in the land, which has been perverted by sin and idolatry, just as their counterpart Deborah did in the Book of Judges.

In this presentation Linda emphasizes that it is a time in which God is calling His women out of obscurity to stand and speak forth His justice in the earth, just as Deborah, the First Female Judge did, and led the people out of the hands of their oppressors and back to their rightful place of relationship with Him. It wasn’t until Deborah arose, was righteousness restored in the land.

Today’s Deborahs are being called to arise from insecurity, fear and intimidation, to courageously take their place and use their unique giftings and anointings to proclaim the righteous justice of God in the land. They are called to arise to release righteous judgments on behalf of their ‘village’ (Judges 5:7)—their family, their community, society and their nation.  This is the heart of God, calling the people to repentance and restoration, and to see nations transform for the glory of God.

The women will be made aware that the mantle of Deborah is upon them.  This is not just an invitation; it is a summons from the courts of heaven to discard limitations and respond to God’s call.  Just as Deborah, in obedience, arose to the position of authority, they are called to walk in their divine prophetic authority with calmness, confidence and to partner with Him in releasing His justice in the earth!!


Life has a way of bringing you to a point of despair where we find ourselves crying out for divine intervention and the blessings that only God can provide.

For women who have yearned for an experience that goes beyond mere self-help, Linda takes them on an immersive journey revealing how the timeless prayer of Jabez serves as a wonderful blueprint that grants them permission to appeal to God to be liberated from the limitations that bind them, whether self-imposed or imposed by others.

Jabez, an honorable man, ensnared by words that negatively impacted his life, reflects what many women have endured and continue to suffer. His determination not be curtailed, but to enjoy the blessing that was rightly meant for him, serve as a powerful motivator to the women to defy every obstacle and have their story rewritten to one of hope, blessings and abundance.

Through this life-changing teaching, women will discover profound principles embedded in Jabez’ prayer which can be applied to their present circumstances. Principles that will shatter the barriers encircling their current realities, unlocking the floodgates of the blessings they were always destined to claim. These blessing will empower them to live lives filled with purpose, abundance, and joy.


From Linda’s Book ‘Out of the Ashes’

For too long women have suffered in silence, they have been victims of abuse and abusive situations. They fought many ‘silent’ battles, not knowing who they could confide in or who would stand by their side to ease their burdens.

In her presentation Linda encourages women to break free from the chains of silence and let their voices be heard. She does this by inviting them to a front-row seat to listen to the stories of some remarkable biblical sisters as they candidly share their stories from their heart, in their own words.  These narratives are woven from their own experiences – tales that mirror their own struggles and challenges.

These are women who suffered abandonment by a spouse, rejection, loss, grief, loneliness despair, and various types of abuses. Even those who made poor choices and have had to grapple with the consequences. Women who were compelled to make difficult decisions in life-or-death situations, placing their trust and faith in God for the outcome.

This presentation inspires exhilarating hope in the women, because it reveals how God, the Master of transformation, can bring dynamic healing, restoration and purpose out of the ruins of their lives. Out of the ashes of loss and hopelessness, He weaves them into testimonies of triumph that inspire and uplift.

Women will know that their stories matter and need to be heard, and that God has a perfect ending in store for them as well.


Many women carry greatness in them, seeds of destiny, which need to be planted and nurtured to become fruitful and be of benefit the world. However, they are unsure or do not know the process involved to get there. Maybe they have a dream of a unique business idea, or they want to start a much needed ministry that would bless their community or nation.

Or some women just need to be reminded that not only do they have a special and extraordinary gifting or talent, but a world is eagerly waiting for their contributions.

Using the powerful biblical narrative of Hannah who wanted desperately to bring to birth her heart’s desire, Linda walks her audience through the process and challenges she experienced and how her heart’s desire was eventually fulfilled.

But it goes deeper still, it is about unearthing the profound alignment between heaven’s divine will and the passionate desires of their hearts on earth. It’s about the beautiful collision; birthing a vision that not only brings joy and fulfillment to them but also aligns with God’s grander plan for the world.

Women will leave with a clearer understanding and excitement knowing that they are really partnering with God’s heart when they birth the dream, the vision that He has put in their heart.


In a world where differences often divide, Linda teaches about the power of unity among women, that there can be unity in diversity. She takes her audience through the fundamentals of unity: its origin, its call, cost, the case for unity and things that corrode unity…

What is most impacting is the biblical examples she teaches that demonstrate the power in unity. Women will understand how when sisters in the faith though different in temperament, and who differ in observing minor Christian traditions, when they come together with one mind and one purpose the effect can change the trajectory of lives and even bring into alignment those things that have been unjust.


Based on Linda’s autobiography, ‘Soul Survivor’.

We all have something in our lives that we want to keep hidden. Especially if the unpleasant memory is still very fresh. If our wounds have not entirely healed, and if the tears that lay on our cheeks and not quite dry. Yet you are in the present a survivor.

With rare vulnerability Linda recounts her story of how she survived years marked by emotional, and at times physical abuse. Her story unfolds against a backdrop of a tumultuous childhood with an alcoholic father and an ever-angry mother which formed the landscape of her life.  She openly shares the many bad decisions she made in her quest for love, how she survived being abandoned and rejected by family, and what it was like to live with an emotionally abusive, narcissistic husband. She also shares her struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Having remarried to a kind and loving man, her heartaches continued as she tried to navigate the demands and difficulties of a seriously dysfunctional relationship with her mother.

Through it all, the beam of light and hope was the unrelenting love of God and His pursuit of her that captivated her heart, kept her sane and healed and continued to heal her devastated soul.

Women will find reflections of their own lives mirrored in her story – because her story is their story.  They will walk away with a profound sense of connection, knowing that they’re not alone in their struggles. More importantly they will grasp the truth that the same God who restored Linda’s life and established it on the path to destiny and purpose is ready to do the same for them.

Linda’s journey becomes a beacon, illuminating the transformative power of God’s unwavering love and the road it paves toward healing, restoration, and an empowered future.


From Linda’s book ‘What Aileth Thee?’

God likes showing up when we are at the crossroads of our lives, when all hope has gone, when we have exhausted our choices; when we’ve done all we know to do, when others have abandoned us, maybe not just physically but emotionally… This is when He does His greatest work.

Linda delves into the remarkable story of Hagar, a woman that many overlook in scripture. She takes the women on a journey with this woman and her son, Ishmael: a journey into the real-life drama of their particular experiences as a single parent family.

Though, initially she did the ‘right things,’ Hagar had to take responsibility for her attitude which contributed to the rejection of her and her son from the family home. This resulted in  them to having fend for themselves with minimum resources.

Stranded with her son, Ishmael, and supplied with meager resources, they faced hunger, despair, and isolation. Here in the midst of her hopelessness and thoughts of death, God intervened with a piercing question – “Hagar, What Aileth Thee? This question initiated a transformational journey for her and Ishmael and propelled him into fulfillment of his destiny.

Through this narrative, the women whether they are single parents like Hagar caught between a rock and a hard place, or they are navigating  a different path, the message will resonate with them. Hagar’s experience displays the miracles God can perform when they falter. They will witness the power of redemption that can turn a mess into a masterpiece, forever altering the course of their lives and leaving an indelible impact on the destinies of others.


From Linda’s book – A Journey to a Divine Encounter

When life becomes difficult with unending hardships, it is so easy to make excuses for ourselves not to persevere. The tendency for women to look at themselves through a lens of lack and short-comings is all too prevalent. “I don’t have a good education,” “I am poor”, “I am a divorcee,” “I have a disability and of no use to anyone even myself.” “I don’t have the right skin color…”?

The good news is if they dare transcend these mountain of excuses and self-criticisms, they will discover that their best days are waiting for them to show up, accompanied by God’s supernatural favor to dramatically change their life.

Sharing from the Ruth’s narrative, Ruth had every reason to give up, she had everything going against her. Bereft of her father-in-law, brother-in-law, and husband – she was widowed, childless, poor, a heathen, and a foreigner living on the welfare system of her day. But she didn’t allow herself the luxury of self-pity. Instead this gutsy resilient lady made some life-altering decisions not knowing what the outcome would be.  She showed up in faith and the rest is history.

Linda shares how in spite of the circumstances stacked against her; Ruth embarked on a journey which made her look like super-woman, but she wasn’t – she stood as a woman much like any other, weathering monumental setbacks.  But Ruth chose her attitude amidst the adversities, because she saw beyond the present.

Ruth learned how to let go of her past hurts, losses, disappointments, self-depreciation, racial biases and societal barriers and persevere. Because of her relentless tenacity as well as her humility, Ruth was rewarded with a generational blessing that was epic. Her narrative finds a hallowed place in Scripture, immortalized as one of the four women in the lineage of the Messiah.

Linda shares how Ruth’s story serves as a guidepost. As a result of the session women will receive an empowering call to rise above their pain, losses and despair, because God is waiting with a full reward for them; for their perseverance their determination and their indomitable faith.