Women of Worth Mentorship Academy


Hello I am Linda Jones my vision is to help women to become Healed, Equipped and Restored to Serve – H.E.R.S. The reason I want that for you is because I know what I had to do in my own life to achieve that and how much it impacted my life.

  • Do you feel like you are constantly struggling to get over your past?
  • Or you feel that fear is continuing to rule your life even though you feel you know what you should do but can’t seem to do it. You just keep going around in circles.
  • Do you feel that reading the Bible is dry, that you are reading it but you can’t see how the book of Chronicles relates to your crisis?
  • Do you want to make the Bible come alive for you?
  • Would you like a framework that you can use every day to deepen your relationship with God? A framework that is simple, understandable and relevant to your everyday life?

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Women of Worth Mentorship Academy – WOWMA – provides a simple and practical way for you to grow and accelerate in your spiritual development regardless what level you are in your spiritual journey.

Here’s my story:

For more than 30 years I struggled from one heartache to the next and I had to dig into the Word and find that level of transformation for myself. I discovered that there were three (3) areas that I needed to focus on.

I first had to deal with areas of pain so that I could experience progressive healing. Then further dig into the Word so that I could be equipped and fully restored which gave me the confidence to serve others along this same path.

And found that these are the areas that you really need to focus on:

  • Healing – to help you to overcome past negative memories.
  • Equipping – to help build a solid foundation and understanding in the Scriptures so that you will be confident in knowing and sharing with others what you have learned.
  • Restoring – your confidence God so that you can
  • Serve – to enable you to be confident to step into your calling as one who is ready to serve and share with others what you have learned.

If you want to experience an adventure in the Word as you encounter God, then Women of Worth Mentorship Academy (WOWMA) has been designed with you in mind.

We have designed training courses in such a way as to take you through the H.E.R.S path. Courses are divided into four parts and will follow the four topics of Healing Equipping Restoration and Serving as modules.

Each module we’ll build on the previous one as God guides you into discovering your purpose. So that you can hear His voice and discern with ever greater clarity, what you need to do next to discover and fulfill the next phase of your life purpose.

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