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What to Do When You Fall Into a Pit?- Make a Passionate Plea

Not because David waited patiently meant he said nothing. No! He cried out to God. That sounds like a contradiction; first, we said David waited patiently on the Lord, now he was crying out to the Lord.

Waiting did not mean inactivity, in his waiting and trusting David made repeated pleas to the Lord, he continued in prayer when there seemed to be no answer; he persevered. He probably said something like, “God where are You?”  “Can’t you see that I am in trouble?” “Help!” 

Several years ago our local newspaper had an article of a woman who had fallen into a 30-foot well and survived. I doubt this woman sat there and whimpered, no, she cried and shouted out loudly so that somebody would hear and come to her rescue.  

Remember blind Bartimaeus? He was desperate for help. He could not see but he could hear, and he could speak, so he used what he had to get what he wanted. He was tired of the blind and begging life, in spite of the crowd and the disciples trying to silence he hollered, ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’  Guess what, Bartimaeus got what he wanted.

Some people have a high tolerance level for pain; they can suffer in silence for long periods of time.  But it’s time to break the silence and holler out! The question is: – how desperate are you? Today I encourage you to make your passionate plea and the Lord will incline to you and hear your cry.

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